ASUS- redefineing Smart phone experience

Its night time, the party is on full swing. Everyone is busy taking pictures to create long lasting memories of the time together.
Next day everyone is hanging out at the permanent friend’s adda, checking out pics of last night party.
But OHHH OH..............
Most of the pics are showing you as a vampire, if RED eyes are to be taken into account, and others….let’s say you are sleeping while standing.
What went wrong???????
Man, why the camera flash are so harsh. One has to posses super human qualities to be able to stand as a normal human while getting clicked.
RESULT- no new pic for fb or whtsapp dp  L
No need to worry anymore, because ASUS has solved all these social media life ending problems. YEAH! With launch of ASUS ZenFone 2 .
So here are the 5 reasons I think ASUS will redefine the smart phone experience:-

  •        Its industry-leading Low Light mode employs pixel-merging technology to capture up to 400% brighter photos at night, or in low-light scenes, without the need for a flash. So it’s the social life savior.
  •     What’s more in store is that it charges at super awesome speed, with getting up to 60% in just 39 minutes. Imagine not worrying about battery before catching an early morning train. You will just have to put it on charging at the time you wake up, and ASUS will be your best friend while enroot. After all “A friend in need is friend indeed”. Music throughout the journey and no need to put the phone on airplane mode while travelling for more than 10 hours.

It’s a genie in the Smart phone world.
  • .       Being the first Smart phone having 4GB RAM it again proves that it was made to solve all problems while tackling with mobiles. So I do not have to worry about transferring my pics now and again into my lappy. ASUS has got it all covered.

  • .       The 4GB ram will also make sure that I do not have to check my running taskbar status again and again. The speed it will offer me is amazing. And ofcourse it would not hang. No more embrassments while saving someones number, or while someone would ask for your mobile to scroll through the pics.

  • .       And it looks SEXYYY and sleek. Yummmmmm. After all the look of the phone in your hand define your personality. Its light and available in so many colors.

It would help me to stay updated with technology and free me of all worries I had till now because of mobiles.
Now its time that this Smart phone will take care of me and not vice versa.

I seriously can’t wait to buy one.  :D

This post is for #ASUS India