Winning Is Celebrating Life

We live in a world of MIRACLES. Some visible while some secretly blossom. Life is the most amazing miracle that could have ever happened in universe. But at the same time, it moves incessantly on razor’s blade, creating ups and downs we call winning and losing.

Winning and losing, thus are intrinsic parts of life, both eclectic in nature. Everyone perceives these according to their own way. Winning could be touching the zenith, partying, getting loved by the one, bla bla. And so accordingly varies the perception of losing.
For me winning is being proud of myself. Conquering every second of life, pushing myself off limits, without bating an eyelash until I don’t get what I want. Following the mantra, “Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst”.                                                                                      
Why do I need to wait for giant achievements to consider myself as a winner, when I could do and win in every moment? I believe in Karma and not in wasting time.  Sitting ideally anticipating results is so not my thing. 
"WINNING IS DOING"                                                                                                                         Leaving no stone unturned to achieve what I want from my life. It could be as small as being able to wake up at the first ring of alarm, without putting it on snooze or as big as being the first girl ever in the history of NIT JALANDHAR to be a branch opener.It’s about mushrooming my own way, through all atrocities that come across.                                      
“WINNING IS FIGHTING”                                                                
 We start our journey from a naught. It depends on us if we use skills of Dexter’s hands to muffle it with bitter sweet memories, reverberating with exultation for facing every challenge head on and working assiduously to get the most out of it.  OR, we could live buried under traumas of pasts, refraining thyself from taking any risks and thus masking the present with oblivion, until this precious gift whisks away from us, towards its denouement.
Winning is being able to face myself in front of the mirror every morning and being confident that if I die the very next second, I won’t be rueful.    
Cheers to winning life.

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